This popular injectable is primarily used for the ability to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, giving the skin a youthful, smooth appearance. By blocking signals to the nerves in the face, Botox causes the muscles to be unable to contract. Botox/Dysport are great for treating cosmetic conditions such as crow’s feet, frown lines, brow lifts, marionette lines, and forehead lines. Its uses are not limited solely to cosmetics. Botox can treat a multitude of medical conditions thanks to its ability to inhibit signals to the nerves, as well as restricting sweat glands. The most common use of these injections is to temporarily relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes.

The lead injectionist at Enhanced Aesthetics has years of experience working with Botox injectables and is also an experienced nurse practitioner. This includes knowledge of the product, how to properly inject it into the areas requested, and the steps for a successful treatment procedure. Enhanced Aesthetics also offers a free consultation with every Botox injection treatment. By offering this service, clients can learn more about Botox injections, bring up any questions or concerns they may have, and go over the entirety of what to expect during the treatment. 

Enhanced Aesthetics Also Offers Underarm Botox Injections at Our Clinic

As Botox can help with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), Enhanced Aesthetics also offers Underarm Botox Injections at our clinic. This treatment is safe as it is localized to a single area, allowing for the body to keep cool yet minimizing the effects that hyperhidrosis causes. By blocking the nerve signals responsible for producing sweat, this protein stops sweat glands in the injected area from working. Embarrassing sweat stains in the armpit area are greatly reduced after the filler is injected. Visible results will appear between 2 to 4 days, and will last from 4 to 12 months before requiring another treatment. 

The nurse practitioner can assist with determining if this treatment is right for you during a consultation prior to treatment by going over your prior medical history and taking any health concerns into account. During Botox Injections, the professional injectionist will also deliver a safe and quick treatment process that will leave you with incredible long lasting results. To learn more about how Botox Injections at Enhanced Aesthetics can benefit you, book a consultation with our medical spa or give us a call.

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Meet Colleen, she’s an experienced nurse practitioner and the owner/operator of Enhanced Aesthetics. When you come here for your injections, you don’t have to worry about who’s doing your injections, if they’re new, or if they know your personal style, preferences, or comfort level. That’s because Colleen performs ALL of the injections at Enhanced Aesthetics. You’ll get to know her, and she’ll get to know you. Colleen’s focus is on quality, not quantity, and as the business owner the buck stops with her. Her hands-on approach ensures you’ll get perfect injections each and every time. If you have questions, comments, or concerns – you get to communicate those straight to the boss. Customers return to Enhanced Aesthetics because of this consistency, professionalism, and personal touch. If you’re tired of your clinic forgetting your name, or tired of underqualified injectionists, try Colleen instead 😊

Botox FAQ

What is Botox? 

Botox is a purified protein and revolutionary neuromodulator (muscle relaxant) which helps to cosmetically improve the appearance of facial lines with aging. It’s also useful for treating other medical conditions such as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), and migraine relief. At Enhanced Aesthetics, we offer cosmetic Botox injectable treatments to help renew the youthful appearance of your face’s skin, and a treatment for underarm hyperhidrosis as well. 

What Can I Expect During Treatment? 

With all Botox treatments at Enhanced Aesthetics, a free consultation for our clients is offered. During this consultation, the lead injectionist will discuss how the treatment will go, the steps taken, and address any questions or concerns. You will also be asked about your medical history to ensure that this treatment option is completely safe. It’s advised, generally, that you avoid ingesting alcohol at least a week before your injection takes place in order to help prevent any bruising from occurring. Enhanced Aesthetics medical spa also requires that clients follow current hygiene protocols to keep themselves and staff safe. 

The injection site will be cleansed, but it may not require any sort of anesthesia to be applied as there is minimal discomfort with the injection. This treatment will take approximately 20 minutes for cosmetic Botox injections, and 30 minutes for the Botox Underarm injections. 

How long is the recovery time after treatment? 

Botox generally requires minimal down time after the treatment is complete. Afterwards, you can mostly return to your normal daily routine. The lead injectionist at Enhanced Aesthetics can advise you on what you should or shouldn’t do post treatment and prior to your injections during your consultation. Recovery considerations include:

  • The results of your treatment may start to take effect after 3-5 days, however can take up to 14 days to take full effect.
  • You may apply makeup immediately following your treatment.
  • Avoid any other facial treatments for 10-14 days after your Botox treatment
  • Try to use the injected muscles for the first 1-2 hours after treatment: practice frowning, raising your eyebrows and squinting. This helps work Botox into your muscles
  • Do not touch or rub injected site for 2-4 hours following treatment. Avoid exercise and sweating, including saunas, for the remainder of the day and no lying down or leaning forward for 3-4 hours after treatment.
  • There may be a slight chance of bruising at the treated site, this is temporary and will not affect your results or vision. Be assured that any tiny bumps or marks will go away within a few hours of treatment.
  • Avoid Ibuprofen, Advil, or Motrin. Tylenol is acceptable to take if experiencing discomfort, if not contraindicated.

How much does Botox in Edmonton cost for each treatment? 

The cost of Botox Injections in Edmonton can vary depending on the treatment area being done, whether it’s for cosmetic or medical applications, as well as the time taken to complete the treatment. This can range, generally, from $150 to $600. Enhanced Aesthetics professional medical spa has a free consultation available for clients who are interested in Botox treatments. If you have questions about the price breakdown or other questions regarding Botox injections, you can contact Enhanced Aesthetics by phone or through the “Contact” section.

How long will the results last? 

You should start to see results within 3 days, though it may take up to 14 days for the full effects to start showing. The results themselves will last approximately 3-4 months, and will require reapplication, especially when using Botox for hyperhidrosis as the nerves will begin to regrow. You will know it’s time to rebook when the effects of your Botox treatment start to fade. The effects are long lasting, as any fine lines or wrinkles that are getting injections will begin to appear softer after a few treatments. 

Are There Any Risks Receiving Botox Injections?

Our clients receive a free consultation with booking a Botox injection treatment at Enhanced Aesthetics. During this, a medical history will be done by each patient and reviewed by the nurse practitioner. Certain allergies may prevent clients from undergoing this treatment. If a client is breastfeeding or is currently pregnant, they cannot have Botox injections done. The lead injectionist can elaborate further during the consultation about any risks the treatment may have, or discuss alternatives if Botox is not a safe option. For any questions about Botox injections, or to book an appointment with a free consultation, you can reach us through our “Contact” page.

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